Novatio provides engineering services to companies that require innovative design and prototyping. Since 2008, we have worked with companies to solve problems and improve systems, in fields such as electric vehicles, solar tracking systems, heavy duty diesel emissions systems, and hydrogen generators.

Our engineering judgment and focus on practical solutions, combined with state of the art computational tools and methods, help us accelerate the timeframe and develop innovative yet practical engineering solutions.

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Featured Product
Lightweight, efficient multi-fuel engines

For the US Military, we have developed a family of lightweight, multi-fuel, engine generators that operate on JP-8, diesel, gasoline or alcohol fuels. These engines have the power density of gasoline generators and the efficiency of small diesels, while being able to transition from one fuel to another with the selection of a switch setting.

Other Projects:

Combustion Systems

Novatio staff has expertise and years of experience developing combustion systems for appliances and power generation technologies. We are currently engaged in an effort with the US Army to develop a fuel preparation system to enable clean burning JP-8 in kitchen appliances.

Engineering for Manufacturing

For several different clients, we have performed mechanical design with the goal of engineering cost out of the system. We use design-for–manufacture-and-assembly techniques and state-of-the-art cost modeling to estimate cost implications for all design concepts. Our cost-engineering work has directed the design of technologies in the fields of solar farms, battery packs for electric vehicles, and hydrogen generators for tel-com back-up systems.

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